Everything You Need to Know About Ring Sizing


How do you know what size ring to buy? How do you know if a ring you own needs resizing? Here’s a guide to help you decide.

What ring size to buy
The difficulty in choosing a ring size is that your fingers change size – they are liable to swell in the morning, in the summertime, during pregnancy or if you have arthritis. Be sure to choose a size that gives your finger a little breathing room.

Be savvy: If you have time, try wearing an inexpensive ring for a few weeks to determine if the size works for you during hot and cold weather, morning and evening, exercise and rest. Once you’re confident in the fit, your local jeweler can easily use a mandrel to determine the size of that ring before you purchase the new ring.

Signs your ring is too loose or too tight

  • The ring spins around to the underside of your finger by itself
  • You can’t turn the ring on your finger at all
  • The ring looks like it’s cutting into your skin
  • Your finger is tingling or numb
  • You can’t get the ring over your knuckle

How to resize your ring

We don’t recommend trying to resize a ring at home – it takes an expert jeweler to adjust the size while keeping both the integrity and the look of the ring intact. Take the ring to a jeweler you trust, and you can expect to pay in the range of $25 – $50. (Hint: if you’re in Las Vegas, we’ll be happy to re-size your ring).

Rings that can’t be re-sized

Some rings are made of material that is too hard to manipulate. Rings with intricate designs cannot be stretched or shrunk without looking warped. Here are a few types of rings that can’t or shouldn’t be re-sized, but every ring is different. Ask your jeweler to be certain.

  • Titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel rings
  • Rings with stones set all the way around the band
    • Even rings with just a few stones should not be sized up or down by more than two sizes
  • Rings with designs all the way around the band

Alternatives to ring re-sizing

Maybe your ring has to be larger to fit over your knuckles, but then is loose on the upper part of your finger. Maybe you’re in the process of losing weight. Maybe your wedding is tomorrow and you don’t have time to get the ring sized. Whatever the issue, if you can’t have your ring sized down, you can use a clear plastic ring adjuster to make the ring fit more snugly on your finger.