Why Does My White Gold Plating Wear Off So Quickly?



Image by ilovebutter (License)

The rhodium plating process that turns yellow gold into white gold normally lasts from 6 to 12 months on rings. Earrings and pendants should last longer, because they normally have less wear and tear.

There are a several reasons why your rhodium plating could be coming off prematurely:

  1. Rhodium done wrong: An item must be completely cleaned before it is plated. This involves polishing, an ultrasonic bath and steaming. If the item is not thoroughly clean before the rhodium process, it will wear prematurely.
  2. Body chemistry: Metals react differently to people’s body chemistry, which varies from person to person. Excessive sweating can also be contributing to the problem.
  3. Lifestyle: If you have a very active lifestyle and rub your ring on hard surfaces often, this could be a contributing factor.
  4. Chlorine: Did you visit a pool frequently this summer? If you wore your rhodium-plated item, it could be decreasing the life of the plating.
  5. Cleaning: You shouldn’t use chemical cleaners or polishing cloths intended for gold and silver jewelry.

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