What Is White Gold Re-dipping And How Often Should You Do It?


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Why does white gold need re-dipping?
White gold isn’t naturally white – it’s actually an alloy made of yellow gold and white metals such as silver and nickel. The alloy is also rhodium-plated, or dipped in another white metal such as nickel, silver or palladium (a member of the platinum family). This rhodium plating will gradually rub away with wear.

When should I have my white gold jewelry re-dipped?
If your jewelry is starting to look yellowed or scratched, it’s time to re-dip. Many brides will have their engagement rings re-dipped just before the wedding to ensure the color matches the wedding band.

How often you re-dip depends on how hard you are on your jewelry – how much you wear it, your body chemistry, and whether you come into contact with many chemicals, but you’ll usually need to re-dip once or twice a year.

Where should I have my jewelry re-dipped and how much will it cost?
If your jewelry has a warranty or care program, check to see if re-dipping is included. Otherwise, any local jeweler should be able to do it. We can do it for you here at the National Jewelry Center, and it will cost around $25 – $50.

To learn more about the re-dipping process, watch our video on how to turn your yellow gold into white gold.